How to Use the Empty Space Under the Stairs Wisely

Space Under the Stairs IdeaMany homeowners leave the area under the stairs empty and useless. In fact, with a little creativity you can change this small space under the stairs into a useful and attractive corner. Furthermore, if you have a minimalist home design, this under stairs area should be an asset you need to take advantage. 

You should make sure that you use the area under the stairs wisely, meaning that it must not ruin your home interior organization. Then, what ideas should you pick to make use of the empty spaces under the stairs?

If the stairs are located next to the entrance of your house, then it would be great if you use the empty area under the stairs as a closet. Simply put a rack which has an appropriate size and shape to the space. You can use the closet to hang your raincoats or jackets so that it will ease you whenever you need them, especially during a rainy season or winter. On the bottom part you can store your shoes or sandals.

Another way to make use of the space under the stairs is to use it as a bookshelf. If you do not have a special room for a mini library, then this space would be a perfect place to store your favorite books. You can put a chair next to this library, and here you have a reading corner. If it is located near the living room, make sure that the books on the bookshelf are always well-organized and neat.

Built-in Bookshelf Under the Stairs

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Display cabinet
You can also use the space under the stairs as a display cabinets for your collection, such as statues, vases, and other accessories. By doing this, you will change an empty space into an attractive display.

Hidden storage space
For those of you who do not a special room for storage area, this small space under the stairs can be used as a storage area as well. Just make sure that you always maintain its cleanliness and tidiness. Do this by choosing a shelf or cabinet with a sliding door. That way you can open and close it without anyone seeing the inside part of the cabinet.

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