Important Home Safety Tips for Kids

Child in the KitchenYour house can have a lot of hazards that create a risk to the children’s safety. Every year, millions of children get injured at home. It reminds parents to concern on house safety for children.

Let’s now take simple steps to secure the house. Is there something you consider safe but can cause a danger to children? Perform the prevention so that you can avoid any condition where children can fall, get burnt, poisoned, and sink. Here are a few points worth considering on house safety for kids:

Sharp corners
Sharp corners and edges of a coffee table can harm your children. Thus, tables, cabinets, and other sharp corners should be coated with safe materials. Attach corner cushion on each corner of the table or other items that have sharp corners. The goal is that when children play around the table, their head or body stay safe when hitting any of the sharp corners.

Hooks and padlock
Cleaning tools, drugs, and other potential toxins should always be stored out of reach of children. Nevertheless, all the cabinets and drawers that can be accessed by the hands of the children must be equipped with either padlock or hook. These small additions can keep children from harmful substances.


When not necessary, do not let the door open at home because of the risk of a baby’s hand squeezed. Open doors will invite toddlers to try playing with it. If it has to be opened, use a door stop or door holder to maintain the position of the door.

Cable organizers

Without realizing it, the cables in your home can be harmful for the kids due to the electricity shock. Avoid this risk by using a safety cable. Typically, this tool is also used to tidy up cables of television, computer, or other electronic items strewn on the floor.

Anti slip floor coating

Wet floor tends to be slippery. Therefore, use anti slip floor coating on the bathroom so children do not slip when walking or running.

Stove knobs

Stove knobs shall also be given a safety tool because it could invite children’s curiosity.  Twiddling stove knobs can also cause toxic gases out. To avoid this sort of thing, immediately plug the security knobs on the stove knobs.

Electrical outlets
Many homeowners are familiar small plastic cover for the electrical outlet which provides baby proof electrical outlets. It is very useful to prevent children from accessing the outlet. Unfortunately, children as young as three years old have been known to be able to dismantle this. If the electrical outlet is rarely used, you should buy a hard cover that can be bolted on top of it. It is suggested that you always ask the hardware store for the latest recommendation on the in wall socket safety.

Safety fence
Safety fence can keep children and pets from accessing dangerous rooms. Using screws, attach the fence to the strong wall. The most important thing is to find a protector which has been known to be safe for children and easy to use.

Window trellis can prevent children from falling. When the window is open and the children come to it, it is important to have a safety net or protection. Keep in mind, some safety tools cannot be quickly removed so you need to design a window for emergency evacuation.

Electronic appliances
Electronic appliances placed on the table can be harmful. Make sure the cord is not hanging down and can be withdrawn. Also, place any buttons in a certain place so that they cannot be accessed from the front side.

Children can sink into the water at least five centimeters and can be burnt in temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. Locking the bathroom and installing water temperature monitoring tool are two simple ways to prevent a terrible injury.

How often do you crash your toes in the dark or slipped while walking to the bathroom at night? For many children, the darkness is way more frightening than frustrating. It then makes the accident possibility increase. Use small night lights along the hallway to convince pathways and provide assistance highlights without disturbing their sleep.

Safety precautions are important and should not be underestimated. Baby proofing your house is a must. Remember, child safety at house will continue to adapt, as the growth of the child and the learning process. No matter how old your family members are, always include emergency number in your phone and make sure the smoke detectors work and the first aid kit always charged and easily accessible. Keep a spare key outside the house. If necessary, get security certification which is also useful for emergencies at home.

Those are some house safety tips and house safety rules you can apply to your home and your family members. Just remember, it is very important to maintain common sense, quick reactions, and some special tools so that your home is as safe as you wish.

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