Indor Garden Designs for an Apartment

Indoor Garden ApartmentNowadays some developers have applied private court yards in the apartment in order to reduce heat. It is an innovation to create different and better apartment units. The balcony in the apartment is usually used as a green space which will offer several advantages such as to maximize the sunlight exposure, to make the space cooler, to filter air, and also to create a homey atmosphere within the apartment.

Besides balcony, this green idea can also be applied in the windows and also bathrooms. It is usually in the form of indoor garden which use planter boxes along with potted plants and ornamental plants with beautiful dangling flowers. If the indoor garden is located in an area with air conditioner, the plants will need special treatment. Thus, we should be more selective in choosing the types of the plants. For this air conditioned area, we should find indoor plants which are resistant to cool and unusual humidity such as Philodendron, Scindapsus, and Bromelia. If you want the taller ones, you can pick some types of palm trees and Dracaena.

The composition of the plants is concentrated on the planter box which becomes the barrier with a height of approximately 50 cm. The wide of the planter box can vary, depending on the available space in the apartment. Waterproof layers are installed in the inside part of the planter box to prevent leakage into the space underneath it. And, put a base layer for the drainage such as sand or rubble. For a vertical garden, we use a steel frame which is designed according to the room size, along with light planting media such as compost and chaff. Plants need to be rotated regularly once a week and the planting media should be updated every three months.

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