Inner Courtyard: Creating an Inner Beauty in Your House

Wonderfull Inner Courtyard - Angawi House Jeddah
Wonderful Inner Courtyard - @ Angawi House Jeddah

There have been many architects and home designers talking about inner courtyard. Have you ever seen or heard about it? An inner courtyard is a private open space which is enclosed by walls, rooms, or buildings. This area is open to the sky and sometimes has a glass roof.

An inner courtyard has some important benefits such as giving natural ventilation and lighting due to its openness, making to house look larger, becoming a convenient meeting point for all family members. Besides, an inner courtyard will also create an inner beauty for our house. Why? Inner beauty means a beauty which grows within oneself (women), which is natural and will never fade although they grow older. A woman’s inner beauty has nothing to do with cosmetic or fashion. She doesn’t have to possess a pointed nose, a slim body, or smooth skin. The power of inner beauty will show up when someone appears as what she is but full of charm.

Once you start to think of creating an inner courtyard, you are actually preparing for your most comfortable natural space. By the existence on the inner courtyard you can take the advantages of all the things available in the nature; the fresh air and the sun light. You can still add much more convenience, say, by having your favorite potted plants or even a small pool. You don’t need to worry about the size of the inner courtyard. Just make it proportional towards the size of your house.

This natural convenience will not create any boredom easily if you do some efforts. For instance, you can periodically add, take, or change the types of the potted plants in your inner courtyard. Maybe sometimes you also need to change the arrangement of the seat around the garden. Any lighting for the night times will be a good idea as well.

Finally, the natural convenience becomes one of the key factors to make the whole members of the house feel comfortable. The appeal of the house is not firstly determined by the stuffs inside the house. It is indeed determined from the comfortable and lush atmosphere created by the existence of an inner courtyard.

The following are two pictures which may give you an inspiration for your inner courtyard.

Inner Courtyard as Meeting Point
Inner Courtyard as Meeting Point (

Inner Courtyard in a Hotel
Inner Courtyard in a Hotel photo by Brian Fies

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