Inspiring Blue Bedroom Designs for Your Kids

Blue White Kids Bedroom with Football Club Theme

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A little touch of navy blue is able to create the impression of masculine to your kids’ bedroom. Your little champ would love it. The bedroom could be a reflection of the character of its owner, as well as the children’s room.

Shaping the character of the children can be started from their room. Boys are certainly pleased with the impressive masculine room. Thus, the room can make them feel like a hero. To create these characters, the selection of a color theme for the boys’ bedroom is an important thing to consider.

You must already be familiar with the character distribution of color, e.g. pink for girls, blue for boys. In addition, there is still quite a lot of color character classification that leads to classifying the sex of the children. People commonly choose simple colors that have been widely used. The boys’ room are then often associated with the color blue.

Many people choose to apply the blue color on the entire surface of the kids’ bedroom wall. It is fine, although it doesn’t always have to be like that. Blue can also be applied as a detail color on the bedroom elements.

The blue color will look great when paired with neutral colors such as white and brown, in which blue will look striking. At the first glance, the effect of the color blue will immediately attract your attention.

Not all blue
Although blue is associated to the characters of boys, but not all blue has the same meaning. Light blue or sky blue has a soft impression. Thus this color is suitable to be applied at a baby boy room. It would be different if you have a growing up boy.

Boys, starting from kids up to teens, would be suitable to have a navy blue bedroom design.  It is called navy blue, because this blue is the same with the one used in naval uniform of the United States. It also adds the masculine impression to the color.

The color navy blue tends to be dark. That is why applying it throughout the entire walls of the rooms is not a wise choice. Solid dark colors will be better to be used as accent colors or to be combined with other lighter colors.

Here is a collection of blue children’s room designs that might inspire you.

Blue White Kids Bedroom with Green Cabinet

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Wide Soft Blue Kids Bedroom

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Clean Blue White Kids Bedroom Design

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