Characteristics of the Interior and Exterior Design in a Modern Minimalist Home

A Modern Minimalist Home DesignA modern minimalist home is characterized by the basic geometry shape which is simple, clean, firm, and has few ornaments. Every part of the house is presented as what it is, without a lot of bizarre and intricate ornaments. Yet, the advantage and power of a modern minimalist house can appear because of this simplicity indeed. In fact, people often say “less is more”. In simplicity it is showed a complex beauty.
The interior of a minimalist home
Not only from the exterior, we also create the impression of a modern home from the interior of a minimalist home. The furniture used is adjusted to suit the needs of the occupants. No cluttered ornaments. Just use and display what is needed. That is the key you will find in the concept of a minimalist home.

The characteristics of the interior of a modern minimalist home design

  • Providing more open space and less partition / insulation.
  • Intricate ornaments such as carvings are not used.
  • The furniture is those which are simple, plain, yet firm.
  • Glasses and color combination are usually applied in the interior to avoid the impression of a monotonous atmosphere.
  • Natural or artificial lighting which penetrates the glass is usually applied in a modern minimalist house to create a dramatic effect and add an aesthetic value.

The characteristics of the exterior of a modern minimalist home design

  • Geometric lines along with vertical or horizontal lines dominate the look of the home.
  • Wide openings, wide doors and windows, are applied to give a more flexible view to every part of the house.
  • The landscape and garden arrangement look simple. Big plants are usually used as the vocal point.
  • The roof is flat or almost flat.

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