Is an Open Truss Ceiling Good or Bad?

Traditional Interior Design with Exposed Beam Ceiling

Ceiling is a roof truss cover that makes the room neat and clean. It is generally flat shaped, following the pattern of the existing space. There are variations of ceiling shapes, including the drop ceiling in which the middle part is raised about 10 to 20 cm. The shape makes a room more beautiful, attractive, and not monotonous.

But we often find ceiling that follows the slope of the roof, usually called slanted ceiling or sloped ceiling. The resulting impression is the room looks spacious and roomy as if the room gets wider.

Sloped ceiling is often used to create a mezzanine floor or also warehouse. Even some open the ceiling just for the sake of a spacious and airy impression.

We call it opening the ceiling because a ceiling usually appears flat, covering all electrical wires and frame and also wall structure around the house. Thus, if you make a ceiling sloped it means that you open all of these so that areas previously covered become visible. It requires you to tidy up everything to make the room look neat and nice.

However, it does not mean that you are not allowed to make a slanted ceiling design. It’s just the consequences you need to understand better.

Triangular space above the ceiling is actually a heat chamber where the air is accumulated. Solar radiation and air heat will be accumulated in this triangular space.

This heat should be thrown away through openings on the ceiling. Just try checking the ceiling during the daytime. It will feel so hot, moreover if you live in a tropical climate.

If you open the ceiling and make it slanted following the roof pattern, the heat will enter your room more freely. It is because generally hot air is on the upper part, and the cool air is bellow. Of course you need to throw away the heat coming through the roof as much as possible.

Sometimes we are indeed mistaken in understanding this. But this is the real theory. For that, my advice for those of you who still want to open up the ceiling of your house, you should put the vent on all sides. It could also be installing an exhaust fan at the top to reduce the impact of heat for space underneath.

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