Just Married? Learn These Bedroom Decoration Tips for a Married Couple

Romantic Bedroom Idea for Married CouplesWhen decorating a room for yourself, you only need to think about your own want and need. Yet, if you are married, you should discuss everything with your partner, including what bedroom would provide a comfortable atmosphere for you both then.

Combining the elements of masculinity and feminism in a bedroom decoration is not as difficult as imagined. First, you and your partner should be open to any idea your partner has. To help you so, here are some bedroom decoration ideas for those who are just married.

Start with neutral colors
Ivory, gray, brown, and navy blue are the colors that are not gender-specific. Gray walls and curtains with matching color can draw your attention to the center of the room, which is a contemporary bed with attractive accents.

Choose patterns
In creating a comfortable bed which is full of pillows, give this masculine accents. The houndstooth which is popular for men T-shirt pattern is also suitable to decorate your bed. Make this pattern as a pattern for one of your pillowcases.

Use glass
In addition to hanging glass or mirrors around the bed, look for a nightstand which is covered by glass. Glass will reflect light and create sparkles in your room. The sparkles will create a balance between masculine and feminine elements.

Combine some furniture
The combination of solid iron bed, soft sheets, rigid nightstand and curved motif is a perfect composition. The combination of straight lines and curves represent both genders. The accent also makes furniture look more attractive.

Create beautiful lighting
Once again, the lights or the lighting plays an important role, especially for new couple. Provide also a dimmer for the lights in your bedroom. Lamps with adequate light color and strength will bring the right mood for you and your partner.

Personal items
In addition to displaying modern and artistic items, do not forget to display your memories. The photos and other memorabilia of both of yours owned should have a place in your room.

Fill with tenderness
In addition to beautify your room, do not forget to create comfort in it. Make sure your bedroom is full of soft goods. Make sure the carpet, couch, pillow cases, blankets, and bed cover feel comfortable to the touch.

Do not be afraid to try
You are doing an experiment, both in living your life and i your bedroom together. Therefore, do not be afraid to find a style that fits. Change your room style as often as you want, until you find the best.

Those are several things that you should consider before designing a new room for the new couple. Make the most of your time with your partner by creating the most comfortable bedroom design.

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