Kids’ Bedroom: The Ultimate Concept of Kids’ Toy Storage

Childrens Toy Storage Units
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When I was a kid, I had a lot of toys I played every day. As a little girl I really enjoyed playing with my Barbie dolls; that’s unforgettable. Although time has changed, kids don’t change. Toys always become kids’ favorite things and all parents really understand that. However, the thing that some parents often forget is about the kids’ toy storage such as cabinets or containers. Whereas this storage can become a good learning media for kids. Below are two examples of kids’ toy storage designs.

Toy Storage Shelving
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Toy Boxes and Storage
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From the pictures above we can draw some concept in the design of kids’ toy storage.

  • Colorful. Kids’ toy storage cabinet or container is usually designed in a colorful look. It is aimed at creating a media for kids to learn colors. What colors are suitable for this? Well, you are advised to choose clear basic colors for this; not the mixed one. A mixed composition of colors can make the kids confused. When kids are learning colors, help them by introducing basic colors first.
  • Attractive. What I mean here is that you can modify the cabinet or container with some ornaments which can attract kids’ attention. Putting some letters on the storage’s door can be a good media for kids to learn alphabets. It will be more fun if the letters are arranged in an order which represents the kid’s name. Besides putting on some letters, you can also post your kid’s favorite pictures.  Those pictures can be a media to learn categorizing. For example, your kids can put toy cars in the drawer with a car picture on it, animal dolls in the drawer with an animal picture on it, and so on.
  • Safe. Besides serving as a learning media, a kids’ toy storage cabinet or container should be safe especially for the kids. Make sure that there is no sharp edge there. You don’t want your kids hurt by the storage you buy, don’t you?

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