Kitchen Feng Shui Affects Your Finance up to Love Matters

Simple Green White Kitchen DesignAccording to Feng Shui, kitchen is a primary component in a house that should be planned thoroughly. The Feng Shui architects and experts state that there are three most essential primary components should be considered in building a house, i.e. main door, bedroom, and kitchen. Besides, a research also shows there are three secondary components should be noted, i.e. the location of stairs, bathroom, and roof.

The front door is the most essential element because it is related to the Chi or Qi energy which brings fortune. The bedroom should be arranged by considering the harmony of the family, husband-wife, and the health of the occupants.

Meanwhile, the kitchen arrangement can affect the financial, health, and family intimacy condition. Additionally, it turns out that kitchen is also associated with love matter.

Synchronize the kitchen with the house
A good kitchen layout can be determined from three things; location, composition, and interior. Many people say that a kitchen should be placed in an area with positive energy. There is nothing wrong about this statement, moreover when the house is big enough. However, if you have a small house design, it will be just okay to put the kitchen in a negative area as long as it is still in harmony with the entire home design and can function properly. It would not be good if a big house has a small kitchen design, and conversely, if a small house has a big kitchen design. To obtain more and more fortune, the kitchen should be made proportional to the house size and fit the needs.

In addition, the kitchen should be placed in the back of the house with a door that is shielded, so it is not visible from the front of the house. It is very abstinent that a kitchen door is visible from the front of the house. Also, it is not justified if the kitchen is placed at the front of the house, or kitchen that has an entry access that forces us to turn around through the rear entrance.

Today there are many people make the kitchen next to the garage and can penetrate into the area behind the house. In composition, it is not good according to Feng Shui, because the house finance can leak just like pumping a leaking tire, useless. A good kitchen should be placed in a special room with a single access door.

However, it currently cannot be denied that the price of land is very expensive. This causes those who have limited budgets make a small efficient house with a kitchen featuring a traffic lane for the occupants. If it happens to you, then the access to go out from the kitchen should be blocked by a divider or be bent. That way, if there is a financial leak, it will not be too much.

Elements of water and fire
On the interior, the kitchen has two mutually contradictory elements of nature; the elements of fire and water. To set it up, you would require a certain sense of art. The element of fire (represented in the stove) and water (represented in the sink) should not be directly facing each other or next to each other.

Furthermore, you should also consider the stove position. Stove that represents the fire element is best placed on the east, southeast, or south side. Never put the stove on the north side because this direction represents the element of water.

Elevate the kitchen floor
It should be noted that the kitchen represents four zones, namely cooking zone, washing zone, storing zone, and trash zone. To that end, the kitchen floor should be higher than the floor space around it. It is quite logical, because if the kitchen floor is made higher, the disposal of any dirt and garbage can be done more easily.

In addition, the kitchen layout should not be dealing with the bedroom. The smoke produced by the kitchen will fit easily into the room and will ultimately disturb the minds and health of the occupants.

In terms of color, you should avoid decorating the kitchen with colors representing the metal element, such as white or gray; or water elements such as black. We recommend that the kitchen should be made in shades of yellow, brown, pink, red, or soft colors, such as green or blue. The most appropriate color is green or blue, because both represent the wood element.

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