Kitchen Furniture Design: Custom Kitchen or Modular Kitchen?

White Purple Kitchen IdeaKitchen furniture serves not only to ease your activity in the kitchen but it also serves to beautify your kitchen space. Your cooking will be way more delicious when it is done in a comfortable cool kitchen. That dream kitchen design does not have to be expensive, yet you just need to design the kitchen furniture nicely. Well, what is meant by good kitchen furniture? Let’s dig deeper about kitchen furniture and kitchen equipment first.

Kitchen furniture can be divided based on its function; prep table, storage shelves, cooking table, and others. Some supporting tools commonly used are microwave, refrigerator, cooker hood, oven, stove, and sink. All the supporting tools can be laid out on the requested kitchen furniture (custom) and the modular one.

Modular kitchen furniture refers to components’ size which is all the same. It usually consists of the 1st module, 2nd module, and 3rd module. From the modules it can be created several appearances.  Those modules can be used over and over, until the desired shape is reached.

Custom kitchen furniture is made ​​based on orders. With the custom furniture you can explore your idea of ​​both of shapes and colors. Custom design also allows you to use alternative materials that are rarely used in the market. For example, you can use aluminum foil instead of mosaic tiles or woodplank instead of granite.

The following are several things to consider when we use either custom or modular kitchen furniture.

  • Modular kitchen arrangement should be able to adjust to room conditions. Each module has a standard size of manufacturing. Modular kitchen furniture is easy to be dismantled and reassembled. The material used is usually easy to clean and has been standardized. If there is any damage, the module is easy to get.
  • Custom kitchen can satisfy you in terms of shape and visual. Choose materials that are durable so that the kitchen furniture stays longer. Consider ergonomic factors including the suitability of body size and dimensions of the furniture.

With the proper selection of kitchen furniture, any recipe will taste more delicious. Which one do you choose then? Custom or modular designs? When you already understand your needs and wants, you will get the solution.

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