Know these Various Types of Flooring and its Characteristics

Minimalist Interior with Wooden FlooringThere are now widely available floor covering materials that can make your floor beautiful. The selection of floor covering materials must be adapted to the architectural style of your home. For traditional-style house, say, you can use wood, this stones, or soft stones for the flooring.

But more than just beauty, floor covering material selection should also be based on the room function. For the bathroom, you must select floor materials which are not slippery. At room with a high activity, such as a family room, it would be good to use comfortable materials that are not easily scratched.

Some types of floor covering materials are currently widely used for homes, including:

1 . Ceramic flooring
Ceramic is floor covering material that is most commonly used today because ceramics are available in various sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. Ceramics can also be used in various areas of the home, from the exterior to the interior, including the bathroom. In addition, ceramics are available in various level of quality and resistance to scratches in accordance to the price. Lastly, the installation and maintenance of ceramic floor tile is quite easy.

2 . Marble and granite flooring
Both types of natural stone are usually used to present the impression of luxury and elegance in the room. Marble colors and patterns vary depending on the type of minerals it contains, while granite is available in black color with spots and smooth complexion. Although they are well-known for being hard and not easy to crack, they require extra care over the coating process. This maintenance should be done periodically to keep their beauty.

3. Wooden flooring
The warmth and cozy atmosphere can be directly obtained through the use of wooden floor. The wooden flooring maintenance is relatively easy, moreover wood floors have now also been given special protection that are not easily stained. It’s just the shiny look will disappear over time, so you should refinish it when necessary.

4. Parquet flooring
Similar to wood flooring, parquet flooring is also commonly used to create the impression of warmth. Parquet flooring is available in small pieces with a thickness of 0.5-1 cm. For homes, it is available in two types, namely solid parquet and processed parquet which is coated with a veneer. Solid wooden parquet is stronger than the processed one. Meanwhile, the processed wooden parquet offers an easy installation and there are various patterns available. In addition, it is also not difficult to dismantle it. That’s why you won’t trouble yourself when you want to change the look of your floor later.

5. Natural stone flooring
Natural stone flooring is often used to create the impression of a natural and vernacular style on traditional buildings. Natural stones often used are usually temple stones, thin stones, andesite stones or soft stones such as limestone. The size, color, and texture of these stones vary depending on the type. For the installation, you can use a mortar, and you should do it very carefully because when exposed or spilled out with mortar, the stones are difficult to clean.

6. Vinyl flooring 
Vinyl flooring is available in the form of large sheet, small sheet, and rolls like a carpet in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Vinyl flooring installation requires glue either on the surface of the wood or concrete floors. Vinyl flooring was first associated to low quality floor which is easy to tear, easy to burn, and quickly dull. However, vinyl flooring is now available in a high quality which is designed by famous designers for your interior needs.

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