Less is Better: The Principle in a Small Kitchen Design

Clean and Neat KitchenHaving a small house with all its limitations becomes a challenge in arranging its interior. Not only in terms of the interior, we, the homeowners, must also be consistent with our decision to discard items that are not useful.

A cozy kitchen is a kitchen which provides a good atmosphere to cook. Not only that, the kitchen must be kept clean and neat, so that the small kitchen can even be more convenient. Besides, in terms of its function, the kitchen should have an organized storage cabinet which can be created if we sort the items that still work and are needed. The following are some items that should be discarded:

  • Cracked and chipped items. Although they can still be used, but in terms of health, it is harmful for the users. These items tend to injure the users.
  • Bottles containing only the remaining pulp at the bottom.
  • Plastic shopping bags. We often have the habit of keeping used shopping plastics even though we use them very rarely. The solution is that we keep only half of the amount of the existing plastic bags, and the others can be removed by burning them, because the plastic cannot be decomposed in the soil.
  • Kitchen equipment that is never used. This unused equipment should be stored in the warehouse.
  • Coupons, delivery menus, pens, and files that are no longer needed.

By getting rid of items that are not useful from the kitchen, the kitchen will be more functional and more comfortable.

Image credit: kreativekitchensandbaths.com 

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