Let the Baby Nursery Serve Its Various Functions

Modern Baby Nursery with Wooden FurnitureDo you know that a newborn baby can interact with the condition around him? He can interact with his parents or his bedroom. When one month old, the baby will increasingly aware that the world is not only about him. Therefore, start to explore every corner of the baby’s bedroom. Stimulate the sensory and motor nerve using elements in the room. For example, decorate the walls and ceiling with the contrasting colors such as red, blue and yellow. Form geometric patterns repeatedly because babies like regularity. Choose pillows, blankets and soft toys with different kinds of materials to train the baby’s sense of touch. Use a rubber bumper wall with various color and pictures of animals, fruits, numbers or alphabet.

On the other hand, the function of the baby’s room is pretty diverse. It serves not only as a nursery, but also as a space for personal interaction, playing and learning, growing, personality building, as a means of creativity, and so on.

Bedroom is the first room known by the baby. It is where he first interacts with mother, father, brother, sister and other relatives. The personal interaction tends to be the interaction between the baby and the parents or other family members. To fulfill this function, we can provide sofas and the puff, or a soft rocking chair for the mother when nursing the baby, complete with a padded buffer. A mother’s affection means a lot to the mental development of the baby.

Experts acknowledge that sleep plays a significant role in children’s brain development. Thus, it is important for babies to get enough sleep so that the brain will develop optimally. It suggests that we choose a suitable crib for the baby, which is wide and doesn’t make the baby feel like in a cage. Consider both the safety and aesthetic factors of he crib.

Provide a comfortable, quiet and warm room. The room temperature and humidity should be maintained well. Provide sufficient windows for natural aeration so that the room is always fresh and free of odor. In terms on the lighting, it is better for the baby to sleep in dim conditions. Put crib away from source of the lights.

Give the baby some stimulation of sounds by hanging toys that can chime sounds or music. Provide also a music player near the crib. In addition to a place to play and learn, this is also a place where personality is formed. A comfortable atmosphere sets up your child becomes a relaxed person. Teach also about discipline and tidiness early.

Familiarize your child with the perception that the crib is a bed, a rug is an area for playing, and so on. After the play is over, demonstrate to him that toys have to be kept in their place. Put a soft carpet under the crib next to him as a place to play. It would be better when you use a play mat made ​​from rubber materials. Provide lots of boxes or baskets near the carpet area as toy storage spaces.

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