Living Room Decoration: How to Make Your Living Room Feel Comfortable

Brown Sofa in Living RoomLiving room is an important part of a house in which you meet and entertain your guests. Your life and personality can be seen from the design and the decoration of this room. Therefore it is important to design the living room as comfortable as possible and also to keep it clean and neat so that your guests will feel convenient.

Besides, you also need to consider the furniture in the living room. Sometimes we do something wrong about the furniture arrangement such as putting a lot of big pieces of furniture. It can make the living room look narrow and the guests will not have enough space to move. For a better arrangement, put a set of furniture in a smaller size so that it won’t take up too much space. In fact, small furniture is easy to clean, easy to maintain as well. As the center of the living room, you can fill it with a long sofa or a large carved chair. To create a difference ambience, you can put additional sofa, chairs, or cushions which have different pattern/color yet still appropriate with the living room theme.

What about the decoration? Well, you can display some ornaments in the living room such as paintings, framed mirrors, or another unique stuff of your collection. Make sure that there is no offensive display which may insult the guests.

Furthermore, the color combination you use will determine the look of your living room. It can turn your living room into a beautiful spacer or even a dull one. Colors also have an impact on someone’s mood. If you like bright colors, you can choose several colors such as yellow, orange, and red. Yet, red and orange would be best for accent, not for dominant colors because they will cause a monotonous atmosphere.

To make the living room more pleasant to stay in, consider the room temperature. If it is hot, install any air conditioner or fan. A good ventilation system will create the room feel fresh and cool. Also, you can put a carpet around the sofa to make the guest feel more comfortable.

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