Low Cost Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment Interior

Small Bright Apartment with MirrorYou don’t have to always spend a lot of money for your dream apartment decor. Here are five ideas for low cost home decor you can apply for your apartment or small home design.

Creating vignette
First of all, learn how to create a vignette in your apartment. Practice how to set the table surface, be it a bedside table, coffee table, or a table in the top drawer. Keep trying until you can present an appealing look with limited items. Move furniture, rearrange the position, get rid of unnecessary furniture, and try to do this happily. The idea of ​​arranging the table surface at home interestingly will usually appear when you are living in the apartment for several months. So, be patient and enjoy the process.

A variety of shades
Second, dare to make a combination of  sheets, bed covers, pillow cases, and blankets with different shades. The rule that you need to consider is combining large patterns with the small ones. Also mix it with a solid color without any pattern.

Keeping focus
Keep your focus remains on making the room functional and not fool. Make the rooms in your apartment simple, unique, but not full of stuff. Beautify your rooms with simple elements which has a great effect, e.g. a vase or rug.

Unique items
Fourth, try to also start looking for goods at a flea market. You can find unique items for your apartment with a low price. However, avoid buying a used sofa and mattress. You do not know how the conditions inside the mat and sofa, as well as their previous use.

Reminder board
Fifth, consider the unexpected opportunities to put interesting and special things. For example, you could make the board as  one of the ornaments in your workspace. You can also choose a special shaped hangers to store a jacket or towel.

Bathroom storage
Then, do the following in your bathroom. Instead of using special items  for use in the shower, just use any daily items such as a cup as a gargle glass, glass jars to store cotton or skin care products, beautiful tray to store beauty products, as well as decorative mirrors to be placed on top of the sink.

Saving the space
Next, learn how to save space in the apartment. Use the console to hide the seat underneath. You can also use the space under the bed as additional storage space.

Ornamental indoor plants
Lastly, do not forget to use ornamental plants in the apartment interior decor. Fresh ornamental plants can make your apartment look like “home”. In addition to potted plants, orchids can also make your apartment more attractive.

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