Maintaining a Vertical Garden on an Empty Wall Area

Modern Interior with Vertical GardenGenerally, when you choose to build a multi-storey house, void is needed as an air circulation area. It is also required as a connector between the first floor and the other floors. Although having a high value of function, the physical appearance of the void area is often neglected. To deal with this, a wall garden is a great idea to be applied.

If you choose to decorate a void area with a vertical wall garden, you should maintain it regularly and properly.. Even if you use plants that do not require a lot of sunlight to grow and evolve, there are many other things that need your attention. There are some tips you can do to take care of the wall garden.

  • Water the plants once every two days. It is advisable to mix the water with fertilizer in low doses. This special fluid is used for plants applicable to wall gardens.
  • Clean the leaves of these plants with cotton. Debris that has accumulated on the leaves is caused by dust absorption in plants every day. Use a ladder as a tool when cleaning the foliage.
  • Do not forget to take care of the wall in the void area well. You can coat the walls with waterproof and antifungal paint. You can also use natural stones that are resistant to water and weather, to give the impression of an exotic, as well as protecting the health of your home.
  • Pay attention to the vertical garden construction in detail. Think about the possibility that the earthquake occurs, because the security factor is a really important thing.

Those are some tips to maintain your vertical wall garden in your void area. Make the most of your house by creating a green space in it.

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