Make Your Dream Cozy Backyard Comes True

Cozy Long Narrow Backyard Design
Cozy Long Narrow Backyard Design (

Once, my friend told me about his dream. He said that if later he owns his own home, he wanted to have a backyard as a space to relax with his family, to have a fun barbeque, to play music with his friends, and to seek inspiration for his life. Did you have the same dream? Just make it true right now. In this post I want to show you some inspiration of backyard design you may like.

Generally, optimizing a family room is tricky, moreover when we have a small space home. One of many ways out is by making a simple plan; minimizing the use of wall partition to make the room feel roomy. Another way to make the room roomy is by placing the backyard garden next to the family room. The wall facing the backyard should be installed with big glass windows or windows with big openings so that we can enjoy the view of the backyard from the family room. This way is more effective to make the room feel roomy, bright, and large. Your family room will have the impression of a bright and open atmosphere later. And the most important thing is that the air inside the house will feel very fresh.

In the following picture we can see the comfortable feeling resulted from the backyard which is designed next to the house. Besides become a light resource, this backyard also functions to flow the fresh air into the home. Also, the home will look beautiful and natural with it, creating an environmentally friendly home.

Beautiful Backyard Design
Beautiful Backyard Design (

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