Make Your Home Look Brighter and More Spacious in Only 30 Minutes

Bright Living Room Design Featuring Wide GlassNot all homes have the ideal amount of sunlight in it. Some homeowners even have to add a lot of lights to the interiors to perform various activities. Do the following easy tips to obtain adequate amount of sunlight in the house without the need for home renovation.

First, use a glass to reflect sunlight from the window. Hanging a large glass in the living room would improve the lighting in it. Not only to reflect light, the glass also reflects the scenery outside the window.

In the dining room, you can fill the wall with antique mirrors of various sizes to capture as much light in the room as possible. These beautiful mirrors reflect the light-filled space of the opposite space.

In addition to hanging a mirror, you can also buy furniture that has similar features to the mirror. Search a couch or coffee table and console table that have glossy accents or made of glass. The process needed to hang and arrange the furniture is less than 30 minutes, isn’t it?

Second, move your furniture. Possibly, a bookcase or cabinet that you put in the middle of the room has obstructed the sunlight. Or maybe a big couch in front of the window makes the other side of the couch looks dark. Try moving this furniture away from the window. If your house is classified as a small-sized house, you should invest your money on transparent furniture. Glass and acrylic can be your good friend in decorating your interior.

Third, get rid of the thick  and heavy curtains which block the sunlight coming into the room. Try to cover the windows with curtains that are made of cotton. Avoid heavy curtains of velvet or other heavy materials.

If you have not had enough in ways that have been mentioned previously, there are still other ways. You can change the color of the interior of the house become brighter, increase the number of windows, install a Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDD), replace the wooden door with glass doors, or reduce bulkhead in the house. Yet, these ways cannot be done in 30 minutes.

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