Make Your Home Safe for Your Active Baby

Baby Crawling Next to StairsSix month old babies usually start to actively move and crawl through the house. When exploring the house they are also curious about the things around them and want to play them or put them in the mouth. Does this happen to your baby?

There are many household items that are harmful if touched by your baby without your supervision. So, what items can cause harm and what can you do in an attempt to prevent it? Let’s consider the following tips:

Electrical outlets 
Cover the outlets in your home by using a special cover. This particular cover is sold freely in the market. Make sure you cover the outlet back after finished using it.

When a baby is being bathed, he or she usually moves actively and wants to reach the objects around. It would be harmful for your baby if he or she opens the faucet, moreover if the faucet flows hot water. We recommend using a swivel faucet which is not easily opened by the baby.

Avoid the use of automatic hinged doors that can be open and closed automatically since they can make the baby’s fingers pinched. When you have to leave your baby in a room for a while, wedge the door to let it open or closed tightly. It is intended to make your baby safe, not pinched.

Power cord
Make sure the power cords in your home have been tidied up using a cable binder and placed in inaccessible places your baby.

Sharp edges and corners
If you have furniture such as desks or cabinets that have sharp edges and corners, and can be reached by the baby, you should add corner and edge guard as the protection. That way your baby will not get hurt when hitting those edges or corners.

A six-month-old baby has been able to reach the bed railing. The bed railing should be made higher to prevent the baby from climbing out and falling.

Lightweight furniture
Hide lightweight furniture like plastic chairs to a place that cannot be reached by the baby. It is to prevent him or her from pulling or taking the furniture.

If your home has stairs, make sure the stairs are equipped with baby fence for stairs, that surely cannot be opened by the baby.

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