Metal Feng Shui Element for Your House

Metal Coin for Feng Shui SymbolMetal is considered as a Feng Shui element that has a positive meaning related to personality and family. Thus, you need to be careful every time you choose Feng Shui element symbol to be put in your house. A wrong symbol might even cause misfortune to your life.

Knowing the meaning of metal in Feng Shui
Metal has more meaning to your personality later. You have such a rigid personality like the nature of the metal itself. However, you are able to resolve any problems that you face alone. You do not need the help of others and if anyone wants to help you, you feel like her/she bothers you.

The metal has a mix of positive and negative. On the positive side, you will become more independent. You will have a strong entrepreneur soul so that you can earn quite a lot of money for your family. It means that you and your family members will be wealthy throughout your life.

Feng Shui’s view on metal ornaments
Many Feng Shui ornaments are made of metal. Coins are also Feng Shui metals which are commonly used as house ornaments. There are also metal wind chimes you can choose. There are in fact many options of ornaments made of metal you can choose for your Feng Shui home decoration.

Fortune and good luck from metal
Fortune and good luck will come if you are able to control the your emotion and change it to positive things. It would be better if each room has a metal ornament, not just a particular room.

In this case, you should be able to control the attitude and behavior for Feng Shui metal which is hard because there are no other symbol that can balance it. Metal can only be united with the metal, not the other symbols. It is different from the fire that could be balanced with water and soil. Therefore, you have to put the metal symbol in your house properly.

All things given by the symbol of the metal will bring you fortune and good luck as long as you make efforts. If you rely only on existing meanings in Feng Shui, you just like letting yourself for lazing. The fortune will be the real when you are trying to realize the meaning given in the metal Feng Shui symbols.

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