Minimalist Architecture for a Modern House Design

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A minimalist architecture is suitable for a modern concept of home design. This minimalist architecture can actually be applied in various types of home designs. Yet, this minimalist look will get more prominent if it is applied in a modern home design because both bring the same themes, which are practical, simple, effective, and efficient.

Aspects in a minimalist architecture 
You can do a lot of things to make the minimalist side of a house look more prominent. For instance, you can do something to the building structure, selection and use of furniture, lighting arrangement, and interior look. For the walls inside the house, say, it is better to make them such a way so that the rooms inside the house still look minimalist and spacious.

The spacious look of  a room is also influenced by the placement of furniture and other objects. It is suggested that you do not put too many objects inside the house, for the sake of the minimalist architecture theme. The lesser furniture and other objects put inside the house, the more effective they are. The point is, you do not need to put any items that you do not need there.

In terms of lighting, you can use a source of natural lighting from the sunlight. You can use a large glass media that is placed on your big window. In addition to being the entry access of sunlight to illuminate the rooms, large glass in the windows or doors can also serve as a medium to see the sights outside the home.

How to use color in a minimalist house modern architecture? Are there special colors for this type of architecture? Of course each type of architecture has a different color characteristic. For a modern minimalist architecture, the common colors frequently used are neutral colors such as gray, white, and black. Neutral colors are able to create an elegant and modern effect. They are also easily blend with subtle colors like the color on the floor.

Modern Minimalist Exterior Home Idea

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In terms of the roof, a minimalist modern house also looks very unique. From the outside, sometimes this house look like it does not have any roof. The upper part of the house just looks like a square or rectangular-shaped building. This view is certainly different from other types of homes with pure, traditional, country, and other designs. 

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