Minimalist Bedroom Designs for People with Claustrophobia

Green Bedroom DesignClaustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or rooms. Thus, a minimalist bedroom design would be suitable for they who have this phobia. The room will create an impression of a more spacious and wider space so that they will feel more comfortable in it.  To make the bedroom feel cool and comfortable, the air circulation within the room should be considered. An airless room only makes the users not comfortable staying in it for a long time.

Bedroom paint colors for people with claustrophobia
In terms of colors, it is suggested choosing bright colors for a minimalist bedroom design such as yellow, green, or blue. Avoid choosing dark colors like black and brown because they may cause mood drop. Bright colors are believed to boost positive aura in human beings.

Yellow shows a perfect happiness. This color is very suitable for a kids’ bedroom. The following are some advantages you can get from yellow wall paint:

  • Yellow makes you feel calm.
  • Yellow makes your appetite increase and controls the process of digestion.
  • Yellow stimulates the intelligence and improve the brain’s ability to control emotions.

Green can make you feel the coolness and also calm your strained nerves. This color makes your blood flow more smoothly. It is very suitable for bedroom wall paint. Another advantage of using the color green is that it can provide you relief, reduce boredom, and make you feel more relaxed. Therefore, a calm green bedroom will enhance the resting quality of the user.

Blue can provide a calm atmosphere. It also calms a very active mind. Blue is a favorite color which is widely used in a bedroom design.

By painting a bedroom walls in those bright colors, people with claustrophobia will feel better. They will feel a more spacious bedroom which eventually makes them feel calm. In addition, those bright colors can actually be used as accents too, instead of whole wall colors. The most important thing is to make the bedroom seems brighter and wider.

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