Minimalist Home Design: Characteristics and Designing Strategies

Minimalist Home Design IdeaMinimalist home design has several advantages over other design styles. It has the impression of being cleaner, more practical, and easier to maintain. Here are some general characteristics of a minimalist home design.

  • A minimalist home uses a simple basic shape, such as square, rectangle, triangle and circle.
  • A minimalist home does not use a lot of intricate ornaments. Ornaments that we usually find in a minimalist home design are very simple; a simple basic shape which is combined with contrast materials so that there is a clear texture separation such as stones with glass, smooth coating with rough natural stones, and so on.
  • A minimalist home has a clean monochromatic color. The colors which are often used in a minimalist home design are white, black, gray and other monochromatic colors which feel cool. There is almost no striking color used in a minimalist home. If it is used, it will be applied at certain points as eye-catching accents.
  • A minimalist home usually has a corner completion which is firm without profiles.

Then, how to make a minimalist home design? It is simple actually; just make the home has the above characteristics. Well, here are some strategies in designing a minimalist home.

  • Ensure our hearts that a minimalist home is in a simple shape. Sometimes we get stuck with making the too many details in the home which will blur the impression of a minimalist home design.
  • Encourage ourselves to make a detail which is different from the conventional style such as curved door frames, jalousie, and visible lap sidings at the front part of the house. A minimalist house design, especially for small buildings, usually covers the lap sidings with a raised wall variation.
  • Collect examples of minimalist home designs you like. Redraw them with your hands just as the examples, and feel how the architect of the house took the decision to make the details of doors, windows and facades. If you do it repeatedly, you will get used to minimalist home designs, and you will have skills and knowledge when you make your own minimalist home design later.

So that is a glimpse of the strategy in creating a minimalist home design. Each person may have different steps. Find your own methods that are suitable for you, and hopefully this article can provide a little inspiration for you.

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