Minimalist Home Design in a Contemporary Touch

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Minimalist home design is still a favorite for many people. The word minimalist itself tends to refer to a simple design which focuses on the function of a house. The decoration in a minimalist house is also considered limited.

Meanwhile, contemporary architecture is a modern architecture you can use by either presenting a new design or remodeling the old one with a contemporary touch. House with a contemporary minimalist architecture is now becoming popular due to its simple yet elegant and beautiful design. The exterior design of this architecture is another beautiful blend you should try.

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Contemporary minimalist interior
A minimalist house design in a contemporary touch is characterized by its open layout. It is good to facilitate good air circulation inside the house. One of the characteristics of a minimalist house is indeed the limited insulation. There are even minimalist houses without any permanent insulation inside.

You can choose glass walls to enhance the spacious and bright impression in your minimalist house. The use of soft natural colors such as white will provide a warm modest impression. This color is also quite effective to reflect lights to all corners of the house so that your rooms will get illuminated.

Another thing to consider in your contemporary minimalist home interior is the accessories as part of the decoration. For instance, you can present a beautifully classic impression through a rustic wooden bookshelf. This bookshelf can serve both as a shelf to store books and also a beautiful artwork.

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Contemporary minimalist exterior
The exterior of the house is an important part you should consider. You can present concrete to to give a solid and strong impression on the exterior of your contemporary minimalist house. The vertical form with white walls along with cedar and concrete board will definitely provide a strong and sturdy impression.

You can also use marble, stone, and gravel on the exterior of your home. The selection of these natural materials will be able to blend with the natural surroundings and your neighbors who may have a home with a traditional design. 

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