Minimalist Home Design is More Than Just A Style, That’s a Life Philosophy

Minimalist Living Room Ideas
More than just a style, a minimalist design should reflect the owners' life as well. (Image credit:

What do you find interesting about minimalist home designs? Its simplicity, elegance, and difference. Of course it will be different when there is no minimalist house in your neighborhood except yours. However, if the entire houses in your neighborhood are in a minimalist design, yours will be no longer different, wont it?

Well, more than just a home style, minimalism should reflect the philosophy of your and your family’s life.  If it doesn’t, then this is not the right concept for your house. The question is, “What kind of life philosophy fits the concept of minimalism?” Here are some explanations.

First, you are more concerned with something essential rather than any ornaments or decorations. In other words, you just take what is important and functional. If something is not important, it can be just thrown away or removed. For instance, in a living room you may just need a set of sofa and coffee table. Carved ornaments are not essential to a minimalist style. Home decorations such as paintings and vases should be displayed as little as possible and only intended as a house accent to avoid boredom. A simple vase would be sufficient for the surface of the table. And for the walls, one or two paintings and photographs are probably more than enough.

Second, you are more concerned with quality than quantity. A better stuff is more important than the amount of that stuff available. It means that instead of displaying too much stuff; just take the one which is really useful. Many spaces are left relieved as part of the interior itself. Moreover, any carved stuff is avoided.

And the last is that you like cleanliness. You don’t like it if your table is full of food and dishes all the time. You cannot let your kitchen set full of dirty dishes. You cannot let a messy bed when not in use. You are not comfortable being on a wet bathroom all the time. When applied in the design it means that you want the entire room/house to be easily cleaned. There is no surface which is difficult to clean.

Well, then, do you think your life fits the minimalist style? Go checking your bedroom or living room. How many unessential items there? If you display many photographs, accessories, and souvenir, you probably do not fit the style of minimalist house. Go and check your dining table as well. Do you usually let the food and snacks on the dining table all the time? Or, do you prefer an empty dining table without any tablecloth with foods only available at meal times? After finishing the meals, everything is cleaned up. If you do so, maybe you fit a minimalist home design. However, if you are a collector of antique items, do not force yourself to live in a minimalist home design. It just does not fit with the philosophy. 

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