Modern Classic Style: An Alternative Trend for a Different Home Design

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Modern classic home can be an alternative for those who are looking for a new home design. It is a modern home design with a combination of classic style, as a result the development of varied home design concepts nowadays.

A modern classic home is what you see if your home is now a modern type and equipped with classic ornaments from earlier times. If you want a good variation for this idea, try combining a classic feel with a modern home design. This can be obtained by adding a few accessories or you can also add furniture that has a classic characteristic.

Modern classic homes usually use colors that reflect the glamour and glitz impression. It can be combined with yellow gold, beige, and other warm colors to give the impression of luxury. Even the color purple can make your home look luxurious, very sweet, and classic because the purple color reflects the philosophy of luxury and is the preferred color of the ancient nobility. If the house is painted with the color purple, you do not need to change the paint color of your home to get the impression of a classic then. Just add classic color for the wall decoration, such as paintings with classical themes and frames which are beautifully carved. Then you will get the classic feel instantly.

In addition to decorating the walls, you can also add artistic old furniture such as furniture with carved ornaments. Old furniture will give the impression that the ‘old’ is a very classic look of a room in your home. However, if the paint on the old furniture has started to fade, try to re-polish it so that it looks shiny. ¬†Old furniture combined with modern sofa will give the impression of chic, modern, but also classic. You must be good at incorporating what you have and play with colors. So, just try to combine them.

Here are some pictures of modern classic home design that may be an inspiration for you.

Modern Classic Living Room Design

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Modern Living Room with Classic Decor

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Bright Modern Classic Living Room Design

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Modern White Interior with Classic Table

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