Modern Contemporary Architecture for a Comfortable House

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Today it is the trend of modern home architecture. This style is actually very easy to find, e.g in a residential area in which almost all houses are made in a modern style. Two of the most popular modern styles are contemporary modern and modern minimalist. Both of these modern styles have the same characteristics.

Characteristics of modern architecture
In a modern home style, simplicity and functionality are the characteristics which must be maintained. The shapes carried usually seem ordinary; simple, clean and not too flashy. This architecture uses a lot of firm vertical and horizontal lines. The paint colors are often the combination of neutral color and color with character.

One thing that is avoided in a modern style is ornaments and other complicated things. In both modern minimalist and contemporary styles, the use of a lot of ornaments is strictly prohibited. To beautify your house, you can choose simple shaped ornaments and not in a big number.

Although it looks simple, this contemporary modern architecture uses natural materials with high quality. That’s why even though looks simple, this style is classy.

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The interior also implements a similar concept. Simplicity is a feature that is always maintained. The walls more often use neutral colors like white or beige, yet other colors such as gray, red, green or blue are also used as a complementary color. Clean impression has always been presented in a modern architecture. It also can be seen on the floor. Generally this house style uses white floor tiles, soft-colored  and simple carpet or stones that are arranged neatly.

Furniture selection 
The selection of furniture is also based on simplicity. The furniture in a modern architecture is commonly made from wood, glass, leather, iron and stainless steel. That is why the interior part of a modern house always looks clean and light.

One more thing that characterizes a modern home is the open space concept. Permanent room dividers are not widely used. If you need dividers, you can choose the not permanent ones, e.g. closets, shelf, or room dividers sold in markets.

In order not to seem boring, a modern architecture home is planned very thoroughly with attractive color combination and lighting arrangement. Balancing the modern impression with the natural one is very necessary. This natural touch can be applied to various parts. For the interior, you can provide a natural touch by installing wooden flooring or placing ornamental houseplants there. While on the outside, you can build a simple garden to bring natural elements into your house. 

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