Modern Island Kitchen Design: Simple dan Neat

Inspiring Kitchen with Wooden Kitchen IslandIt will be useless to have a kitchen which is large and roomy yet messy. Since the kitchen is the room that holds a lot of furniture and equipment, the storage needs to be taken into account. The key to make the room always neat and clean is to provide places for all objects and make sure all the objects back into their place after being used.

We can take a look an example of inspiring neat kitchen in the picture above. The kitchen island looks bright, spacious, clean, and tidy. Every piece of furniture has its own area. The island area is used to wash dishes and prepare food. Various electronic devices including oven and microwave are put in the big wooden cabinet.

Cookware, which is usually piled and scattered, is stored neatly in a drawer or built -in cabinets. The cabinets and drawers are deliberately made closed. Thus, the kitchen seems more spacious as there are not many things that taking up the view. A roomy and spacious impression is also achieved due to the presence of the glass window along the wall of the kitchen.

Although the kitchen is quite large and located in a separated place from the dining room, the designer doesn’t make any partition between them. It is intended to make the kitchen and dining room feel roomy and comfortable.

Not suitable for tiny kitchens
The closed cabinets and drawers in the picture seem to be successful in making the kitchen look neat. Unfortunately, this trick will not achieve the same success when applied in a tiny kitchen since a tiny kitchen requires a completely open display to make the room feel more spacious.

But do not be discouraged. Closed cabinets tricks can still be applied although not for all the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Combine closed cabinet with the open one. Or replace the doors with glass doors. If you don’t want the inside part of your cabinets clearly visible, then use sandblast glass. So, whether you have a small or large kitchen it can still look clean and tidy.

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