Modern Minimalist House Design with Elegant Touches

Modern and Elegant Home Design IdeaModern minimalist concept it is becoming a trend in home designs today. Its simplicity makes many people attracted to it. Interestingly, a minimalist house design can be combined with other concepts easily. Even you can provide a natural and elegant touch to the interior. Before you apply the concept of modern minimalist with a touch of elegance, you need to know the characteristics of modern minimalist design first. After knowing this, you will know the boundaries that you should not break in creating an elegant modern minimalist design.

Basic principles of modern minimalist design
In the modern minimalist design, simplicity and functionality are the main reference. Both of these should be properly considered and maintained. In every aspect of decorating, you should not apply the concepts that seem complicated. That’s why the ornament is strictly prohibited in a modern minimalist home design. A modern minimalist design is also dominated by clear lines.

Giving elegant touches into the house
Modern minimalist concept is actually very flexible. You can insert an elegant impression in the interior design easily, for example, by applying special colors. Certain paint colors could give the impression of elegance. Some colors that have the elegant impression are black and gray. However, both these colors also have a negative side. Therefore they should be applied carefully by considering the quantity.

An elegant impression can also be obtained from the existing furniture. The impression arises from the design and color of the furniture. Classic style furniture is always the best option. But if you want to put this furniture in a modern minimalist design, you have to adjust it first. Classic style furniture generally comes with intricate designs and rich ornaments. It certainly much violates the basic principles of modern minimalist design. But this situation can be overcome by choosing furniture that has a simpler design but still has a classic style in it.

Colors and home decor
Obtaining an elegant impression is not difficult. You can obtain this impression by applying the right color combination in a minimalist modern design. For an elegant impression, you can combine neutral colors like white with black, gray or gold color. Combining white with brown colors is also able to give a similar impression. To give more impression of elegance, choose furniture with simple ornaments. Next, choose trellis without any pattern.

For your own color combinations, make sure to limit the number of colors of paint to be applied. Ideally, the wall features no more than two paint colors.

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