Modern Techniques in House Exterior Painting

Exterior Wall Paint IdeaTechnology affects everything in life including how to paint the exterior of a house. Methods for applying modern paints and modern coatings have changed over time. You need to know some modern exterior painting techniques. In addition to the enhancing the aesthetics, the technique will also make the best results which last longer.

Why sprayer?
One common question when doing an exterior painting is how to use the automatic sprayers and to what extent that can be reached. In the old time, houses were always painted with a brush and roller. Now, you can already use an electric sprayer which is used in professional exterior painting because it has many advantages, including:

  • Saving painting time. One main reason for choosing electric sprayer is the time factor. It really cannot be compared with working on painting by hand or with a pneumatic sprayer. This technique is able to save time, making the painting process more efficient. Do not worry about compromising the quality of the painting. In the hands of a proficient painter using a sprayer, you will get the staining results which are smooth, even, no drips and immaculate.
  • Saving money. Another reason to use an electric sprayer is to cut costs. Rollers and brushes will make the painting progress slow. It took weeks to complete up to your exterior. Using a sprayer you will save the money which means you can save a few dollars for future savings.

Add a touch with brush?
Although capable of accelerating the construction process and save costs, electric sprayer cannot simply eliminate the use of brushes. Some exteriors may need a little touch of painting with a brush like the area around windows, doors, wall trim, and other certain areas which are better done by brushes since electric sprayers cannot reach those area precisely. Some areas which are more prone to water and humidity require an extra coating that needs to be applied with a hand brush. If your exterior painting contractors do not pay attention to these details, you should consider other contractors who are willing to follow your wishes.

Why hire professional painters?
Consider also whether you do the painting yourself or hire a painter. For the completion of house painting exterior it is strongly advised to hire professionals for several reasons. They can make sure the work gets the right coverage with a more perfect result. Professional painters also master some exterior paint application techniques, understand the power of paint and coating materials, and have the analysis on areas that are vulnerable to damage. They can implement such a neater job on the details that should be considered such as on the areas of doors and windows.

Final touch with sprayer
After everything is done, finish the painting by applying protective coatings using pneumatic pump sprayer. We use a sprayer because it has a broad scope and covers more leverage to maximize the pressure.

Now that you have understood the modern technique of exterior painting, for the next step you can browse the internet to find some information on exterior paint colors and exterior paint ideas. Good luck.

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