Modular System & Exposed Materials: Home Design Strategies with Low Budgets

Natural Living Room Design with Exposed Brick WallPlanning a house can be a tricky task, especially when you deal with the budget. People will try to spend money as little as possible for this. Therefore, when planning a house design you need to realize that a simple and compact home construction process can help to save your money. You can plan a modular house unit then.

Modular system
What is a modular housing system? It is a system to divide the rooms with the multiple of certain modules, e.g. the multiple of 3 x 4 meters,  4×5 meters, 4×4 meters , and so forth. Then these modules are installed repeatedly, just like on the shop system. The steps to apply room modules like this should be adjusted to the existing structures, and can be consulted in advance with your fellow planners who are competent, such as an architect or home designer.

Arrange the space as functional as possible. Do not leave any unused gaps in your house. Prepare your house modules well by considering the function of each space carefully.

The modular system used for the purposes of designing the house is very important to create a home that is considered efficient in terms of structure. With an efficient structure, it will also have an impact on costs and a smaller budget. This kind of home would be suitable for those who love simple and minimalist home design.

Exposed building materials
Another important principle in creating a low cost home design is to expos the building materials. Houses commonly feature materials which are neatly finished. Then, why do not take advantage of the natural characteristic of the material itself? For instance, exposed bricks are widely used as a creative idea to use exposed materials at homes. An interesting exposed material arrangement would make it a special accent on the wall without having to spend more money on finishing.

It turns out that in addition to saving cost, exposing the material also add the value of the building itself in terms of aesthetics. However, it is necessary to remember that some special treatments are still needed in the rooms used for a long term which requires a better air level condition, such as bedrooms. In such a case, you should consider the finishing for some wall areas adjacent to where you do your activity a lot, for example by spraying paint to cover the exposed brick pores or give glass frames so that the dust does not stick on the materials. Also, it is important to provide a space for planting some plants to make the house cooler.

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