Moving House Tips: How to Make it Less Stressful for Children

Mother Talking with Little BoyAdaptation to a new environment is not easy. Moving house too often also does not give a good impact for you, including your children.

In contrast to adults, children will be more susceptible to stress when doing the activity of moving house over and over again. Apparently, this stress can be minimized by doing three things before moving house.

The following are three tips to do before moving house so that your children will not get stressed when moving:

1. Explain the reason for moving house
Although still small, your children ought to know about the reason for the move itself. Explain it from heart to heart until your children accept this move.

Talk in a language that is easily understood by children. Suppose the reason for the move is related to job affair, then explain to your children if this move is to buy new toys for them. They must be able to accept it better when you use a language that easy to understand.

2. Take your children to see the new house
Before moving to a new house, of course you will come to your prospective new house by doing various preparations. In this process, it never hurts to ask your children to get involved in it. Thus, your children will feel a part in this move.

Show and introduce the rooms in the home to your children, e.g. by taking them to visit their room in the future and various other rooms. So,when the move comes, they will also be able to adapt quickly. This will help the children to adapt faster than when you introduce your new house to them later.

3. Design your children’s bedroom in accordance to their desireĀ 
If your children’s current bedroom tend to be standard and not special, now you can attract their attention by asking them what kind of bedroom design they want in the new home later. It is intended to make the children feel that the new house is probably much better that the house they are living in now.

Just do three small steps above to draw the attention of your children. That way, your children will enjoy the move process and happy with the new house. Good luck!

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