Mudroom: A Smart Solution for a Messy House

Simple Mudroom Design IdeaHaving a problem with your messy house? Shoes, helmets, jackets, newspapers and magazines are scattered about? You might need extra storage space that can accommodate all of them.

You can try to build a mudroom or multifunctional storage space. This room contains several shelves and hangers so that everything fits. Creating storage space in the house has a lot of benefits, such as extra storage space. Not only that, if you have allergies, this mudroom is able to prevent dust, bacteria, and fungi to get into your house. How to build a mudroom then? Here are some tips on creating a mudroom.

The right location for mudroom

  • Back part of home. The kitchen usually has an access to the backyard. In most homes, the kitchen is much used as an area to store cooking furniture. Besides the kitchen, mudroom could also be used as washing and ironing room, since ironing requires a movement space and storage space for the ironing board.
  • Garage. Garage is a transition area from the outside. Here you can store a variety of things, e.g. motorcycle, jacket, and helmet.

Elements in the mudroom
The thing you should do in building a mudroom is to provide more hangers or hooks and shelves. It is to make all of your items well organized. The ideal size of a mudroom is about 2 x 2 meters or 2.5 x 3 meters. Or if you want to add a washer and dryer, the mudroom size would also have to be adjusted to the size of your washing machine.

Before making a mudroom, there are other important things that you should consider, including:

1 . Floor
In terms of flooring for a mudroom, choose the one that has low humidity, easy to clean, and strong.

  • You can use a floor made ​​of vinyl for the mudroom. It is better to choose a dark colored floor so the it is not easy to look dirty.
  • Floor tile or natural stone is also very suitable for a mudroom because it is well-known as an anti-slip material.
  • Concrete floor is also good for a mudroom as it is very easy to clean.
  • Carpet can be an alternative for mudroom floor. The carpet can withstand dirt inside the house. Make sure you are using anti- slip and easy to wash carpet.

2 . Mudroom furniture and equipment

  • Shelves. Shelving is the most fundamental element in the making of a mudroom. In addition, you can also use some clothesline wire for drying clothes. Set the shelves and hangers in place that is easily accessed by all members of your family. If necessary add some laundry basket to put your dirty clothes in.
  • Hangers. In addition to the clothesline wire, some hangers on the wall can also be used to hang your raincoat, jacket, hat or umbrella. Not only that, the hangers can also be used to hang keys or pet leashes.

Mudroom details
It is better to separate the storage space, to make it look neater, by distinguishing the drawer color for each family member. In addition, create a good ventilation to reduce moisture and prevent mold. It can also be used to speed up drying your wet laundry. If necessary, add a heat lamp to help dry your clothes in the rainy season. Also make sure the mudroom entrance is airtight and secure.

To decorate the mudroom beautifully, it would not hurt you to paint the mudroom with your favorite colors. Remember, in choosing a mudroom paint color, you should choose the one that is easy to clean and mildew and moisture resistant. You can use acrylic paint as it is resistant to stains.

Finally, after everything has been completed, there are several things that you should not forget when making a mudroom:

  • a mudroom bench or chair which can be used when putting off wet shoes
  • mudroom accessories such as painting
  • an additional mirror to see your look when you want to leave the house

Good luck!

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