Natural Stone Decorations Make Your Home Feel One with Nature

Exotic Living Room with Natural Stone DecorationMany people who live in cities and far from natural feel are trying to make their home feel fresh, cool, and natural.  The Go Green program is aimed at making people adopt a back to nature lifestyle, ranging from food consumption, use of drugs, to building design. One of the ways to make their home feel more natural is to use natural stone in some particular parts of the house. Diverse types and patterns of natural stone which are available in building stores are commonly used for walls and floors, installed on the garage, porch, pillars, courtyards, gardens, up to the bathroom.

There are various types of natural stone that is commonly used in the world. The impression given by each type of natural stone will vary. There are strong, soft, natural, clean character, etc. For that reason we need to recognize the types of natural stones which will influence the final look of the house. Several types of natural stone that are often used by architects are andesite, limestone, granite, and marble. Here are some tips to use natural stone for homes.

  • To look sweet yet strong, don’t install the natural stones on all wall and floor of your home.  You should consider carefully which areas need to be decorated with natural stone.
  • Use coating after installing the natural stones so that the material can be resistant to heat and well- attached against the wall.
  • For a minimalist home,  it is a good idea to use andesite stone because this material would make a natural impression.
  • To make your natural stone decoration look elegant, it is suggested using two different types of natural stone. It will make your home more colorful and let the natural feel more exposed.

The use of natural stones for interior could give the impression of cool and natural. It is usually adjusted to the style of the house, whether it is minimalist, traditional, modern or classic. To get beautiful natural stones which are appropriate to your house, you need a special way in terms of the installation pattern, the installation process finishing, as well as the daily maintenance.

It also requires a variety of solutions to deal with common problems in natural stone, either the ones installed on the exterior or interior. The main thing that must be considered in applying the natural stone is the maintenance since mosses are often susceptible to grow and cause natural stone moist and crumbly.  So there should be installed a coating which is adjusted to the natural stone.

To apply the natural stone, you need to know the variety and functions of the entire stone will be used. This is necessary in order to minimize errors in the installation so that a variety of natural stone which is more suitable for the interior will not be used for the exterior. You need to harmonize it with the style of the house to create a dynamic natural stone look. In addition, for the interior home, it is suggested choosing fine textured natural stones. Conversely, more solid weather resistant natural stones are suitable for the exterior.

Not all natural stone can be installed in the same pattern because the physical properties and texture of natural stones are different. The pattern installation of natural stone depends on the creativity of the architect. Some want to apply natural stone with a simple pattern without much carving, some want to combine carvings with certain patterns.

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