Office Interior Design: A Part of Your Portfolio

Small Office Interior DesignYour office design is a part of your portfolio. A dirty room with untidy desks can represent your way of working which then can make your clients have doubts about your ability. Moreover when they visit your toilet and find it dirty. That would be a bad impression for the clients.

An office interior design is also related to the work culture you want to build. Japanese offices apply an open concept in which the manager and the staff are not separated by any partition or divider up to the ceiling. Meanwhile, the European culture, especially in Germany and Holland, the manager room is separated from the staff room. America has another culture in which the director or manager has a separated room with glass walls so that he or she can monitor the staff. The glass walls are usually installed with vertical or horizontal blinds in case that the manager needs privacy.

Off to the main topic, here are some tips to design an office interior:

The front part of the office or the receptionist space is the first impression of your clients so that you should provide the best design which emphasizes your office character. Show the logo and the name of your company. The partitions or room dividers should be built up to the ceiling. Yet, for a small office interior design, sometimes there is no need to create a separate receptionist room. Here you can simply put the secretary room near the front office. To know if there is a client coming, you can install an alarm at the entrance, a bell, or a mirror installed on the ceiling above the secretary’s desk. After the secretary room, there you can have the staff room. Each staff’s desk is separated by a partition so that the staff can work seriously. The arrangement of the office desks represent the work culture you want to build. It is also a good idea to use one side of the wall to display your portfolio or some interesting posters.

If you are not sure about your own office design plan, you can ask for a suggestion from an interior designer about it. Also, ask him or her to make a three dimension perspective drawing so that you can imagine how your office interior will be like. Keep in mind that the look of your office interior design is a part of your portfolio.

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