Open Sky Bathroom: An Application of the Organic Concept in Eco-Friendly Home Designs

Open Sky Bathroom
The organic concept can be applied in every part of home design, just like in this open sky bathroom. (

What come to your mind when hearing the term “eco-friendly home design”? Green, fresh, open space. Well, an open space might exist in every eco friendly home design. Besides creating an interesting view, this space also offers a smooth airflow. But, what if the open space concept is applied in the bathroom? A bathroom without roofs! That would be exotic, apparently. We call it an Open Sky Bathroom. You will find this kind of bathrooms in some tourism resorts such as Bali.

An open sky bathroom offers not only an exotic view but also other advantages. For instance, the shower time would be more enjoyable and fresh since there is an absolutely great air circulation. Besides, the direct sunshine entering the bathroom at daytime will create the impression of a bigger and wider space. It also can function as bathroom lighting, meaning that you save the energy. Meanwhile, at nights you will have a relaxing bathroom from the dark night shades along with the smooth airflow. It will be more awesome when the moon shine brightly and the sky is full of stars. Beautiful!

Organic Design
The concept of open sky bathroom is in line with the organic design concept. One of the principles in an organic concept is unifying interior and exterior space. It doesn’t mean that there is not barrier between them; it means that we make the people inside the house feel so close with the nature. Due to that goal, the organic concept always explores the nature to find any inspiration for interior designs.

Some people choose organic concept for their home design because it is becoming an international trend today. Yet, the most important reason of choosing this concept is that it is an effort to create a green environment. From this point of view, an open sky bathroom is in line with the application of an environmentally friendly home. We can apply this concept from the very simple things such as putting plants in the bathroom. You don’t need to worry about the need of sun shine for the photosynthesis process since there is a lot of sun light entering the open space. By doing this you have added a green space in your house.

To make a valuable open sky bathroom in your house, it is better if you consider the following things

  • An open sky bathroom doesn’t mean that there is no roof at all. Still, you should provide a space to take a shower like the other bathroom. You can use a bathtub or a big barrel and put it in any space you prefer. Above the space you need to install a roof so that you can also put or store your toiletries there.
  • For the open space, besides using shower you can also use a non permanent water container such as a big barrel or big bucket. Since this is an open space, the water container should be cleaned more often.
  • Always check your open sky bathroom’s corners so that you can find out if there is any insect hiding there. If you find it, then immediately get rid of it.
  • Consider the security factor. You may need to be aware in case there is a strange guest coming through your bathroom. To prevent this uncomfortable situation, you can install a metal frame at the top, or even a transparent/glass polycarbonate roof.

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