Other Feng Shui Elements You Need to Know

White Bedroom Design with a PaintingBelieve it or not, Feng Shui can bring balance and harmony in the home as it gives the effect of energy movement and stability. Color is believed to dominantly affect Feng Shui. In addition, there are several other elements of Feng Shui you might need to know:

Good lighting for home is the natural lighting. A good placement of lighting points can either warm or cool a room. Bright light makes the atmosphere of the room filled with movement and activity. To create an impression of calm to a room, bring the Yin energy into the house since this energy will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The best way to play with the lighting is to use a dimmer because it allows you to set the desired atmosphere.

People often forget about this thing. We touch a lot of things every day, yet we cannot really feel what we touch. Well, take a day to feel all of it. Enjoy the warmth of a couch or a peaceful impression of a table. Feel the sensation of pillows, clothing, food, and notice how you feel. The warmth of a glass makes you feel relaxed. Conversely, cold drink will encourage you to do your activity, to fill your day.

Painting / Art objects
What does your collection of art objects tell about yourself?  If you want a good bond with your artistic objects at home, look at the whole of the objects’ body and find the messages given to you.

Fragrance or scent plays an important role and is easy to bring into the house. Lemon fruit flavors make homes feel light and full of air, while the smell of a basket of potatoes will make your home feel the opposite. Just a little scent from one part of the house will affect the composition of the overall home energy. Inevitably, we become accustomed to the smell of our house. Walk into the house with closed eyes after traveling a few hours to really get to feel your home through the sense of smell.

You can change the aroma of home and existing energy levels by using certain oils or scented candles. After quarreling with your partner, for example, you can light lavender scented candles to bring harmony back to the house.

Living objects
Pets, plants, and flowers can increase the energy in the house. If you do not like gardening and are not good at taking care of the animals, just put a bunch of flowers in a pretty vase, place it on the coffee table or dining room, and feel the sensation.

Energy always revolves around us. We often forget how important the air and how it affects us. A house full of smoke will feel heavy and exhausting. Meanwhile, a house with a good air circulation will create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Open the window a little while to get some fresh air.

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