Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Fire Elements for Your Most Vibrant Life

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 Category: Feng Shui

Bright Yellow Living RoomImage credit:
Feng Shui is there to help you create a house with positive energy. If you feel that your house does not feel comfortable, you might need to recheck whether you have applied Feng Shui principles properly. For instance, if there are too many water and wood elements in your house, you will need to add more other elements.
The elements of water and wood are considered good in Feng Shui. Each has positive energy and good meaning for your life. However, all the elements of Feng Shui should be …

Modern Interior Design in a Minimalist Style

Monday, December 1, 2014 Category: Interior Designs

Minimalist Red White Living RoomImage credit:
Minimalist home style is still popular today. The concept is simple, yet the effect created is very interesting. Its simplicity and concept which emphasize on functionality makes this concept highly suitable for modern society. If you want to apply this minimalist home concept, you’d better know this:
Minimalist concept has its own characteristics. It has firm lines. This principle is applied not only for the exterior but also interior part of the house. This home concept generally features several colors at once. It can be seen from the wall …

Bringing Classic Victorian Interior Design for Your Home

Monday, December 1, 2014 Category: Building Concept

Beautiful Classic Victorian Dining RoomImage credit:
Classic interior design is considered as a home concept that is quite complicated. Unlike the minimalist style, this house emphasizes on its artistic impression. For those who have the soul of art, this classic home decoration is the perfect choice.
Classic style itself refers to some concepts. One of them is the classic Victorian style. This style refers to the European classic style. Yet, there is one characteristic that is almost possessed by most of the classical style. The distinctive feature is the presence of many carvings on furniture …

How to Design a Comfortable Child’s Bedroom

Sunday, November 30, 2014 Category: Bedroom Designs, Tips and Tricks

Minimalist Natural BedroomImage credit:
A minimalist house has minimalist rooms as well. This kind of house emphasizes on its function and simplicity. This design provides a simple and comfortable house for the occupants.
However, children might have different idea about a minimalist house. This type of house might not be their favorite since they have limited space to play inside the house. Well, if you have a minimalist small house, you should do the followings in order to provide a comfortable room for your children:
The first thing you should do is asking about …

4 Basic Principles for a Home with Good Feng Shui

Sunday, November 30, 2014 Category: Feng Shui

Warm Natural Interior Design with Wooden FlooringConsidering rearranging the home according to Feng Shui is a good step. Basically, understanding Feng Shui is not difficult. The essence of Feng Shui is good and bad energy, as the literal meaning of Feng Shui is fire and water (symbol of good energy). Therefore, Feng Shui room layout is expected to bring good energy and keep the bad energy away.
A good Feng Shui can bring good luck, health, and happiness for the owner and occupants of the house. Here are basic principles for a good home with good Feng …