Perfect Wall Paint Colors for Dry Season

Exotic Soft Purple Home InteriorWhen the weather is hot and dry outside,  of course you prefer staying home to stay cool, don’t you? One solution to neutralize the hot temperature outside the house, in addition to the use of vent, is to apply the right interior wall paint colors.

Wall color that gives a soothing effect to the house will affect people psychological side, especially the owner of the house. Here are some inspiring wall colors that fit for the dry season:

Soft purple
The color purple gives the impression of a warm and romantic feel. Despite the hot weather outside, embrace the soft purple color in your home. Purple color makes your home interior feel more neutral. Lavender curtain with canopy cover can also be a decorative accent in your home. A painting with a purple frame or purple cushions would also be a great idea.

White and pink
The color pink is often associated with girls’ rooms. Yet, by combining the color pink with white, and applying it to your room, you will get a comfortable feel. You can paint the bedroom wall pink, combining it with white and red flowers along with black furniture. Cushions with a stripped pattern of white and pink can make a room feel way cooler.

Green has become the most natural color which is close to nature. Green also gives coolness and comfort. Make sure you choose the appropriate type of green color for interior walls when the weather outside is hot. Choose green plants that give freshness and coolness. In addition to the wall paint color, also include house plants and a painting of nature, such as mountains or farmland. You can also combine red and green flowers to make your home look more alive. In order to create a cooler atmosphere, add small cushions or curtains in pastel colors such as soft beige or orange.

The blue color is associated with friendship and warmth. Add a peace and quiet feel to your home through the color blue. The peaceful blue will reduce the domination of bright colors. Blue and silver, soft water color and brilliant blue color appears as tranquilizers. Cool colors tend to be more comfortable and exotic for the dry season.

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