Pool Cover: A Smart Way to Ease Your Pool Maintenance

Outdoor Automatic Pool CoverEmptying up a pool for a long period can make the pool surface dry and eventually there will be cracks which cause leakage. If this happens, the pool should be repaired by dismantling the whole surface layers, and re-coat it with waterproofing material. Of course it will cost a lot.

Letting the pool filled with water for a long period also can cause problems because the water might become a nest for diseases. So, what is the solution?

A swimming pool filled with water should be covered so if you leave it for a long time, any problem can be solved and the maintenance cost gets lower. If one day you want to use the pool again, you can simply recover the water using purification materials such as chlorine. That way, you can immediately make your swimming pool ready to use.

Pool cover is indeed still rarely used because it is relatively expensive. However, compared to the maintenance cost which should be spent every month, this pool cover can be said to be cheap. It helps you a lot in your swimming pool maintenance.

In addition to easing the pool maintenance, this pool cover which is made of vinyl polyurethane is strong enough to withstand the loads, especially for the safety of our beloved baby that might be lost of our monitor and fall into the pool.

Some pool covers work manually, and some use machine so they can shut and open automatically. Some others use track and webbing to bear load. The pool cover materials also vary according to the needs. If it is only to cover the pool (preventing any dirt from entering the pool), you can simply choose light and thin pool cover. Yet, if it is related to security factor, it is suggested that you choose thicker and stronger pool cover. There is even a material which is constructed using the mesh system so the surface can bear heavier loads.

You should contact the pool supplier or pool contractor to get more information. A swimming pool construction requires a lot of money. Thus, if you want to use it as an investment, you should ask the expert to handle it. In addition to prevent any failure, it is also to get the best result design.

Image credit: poolcovertech.com 

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