Positive and Negative Facts About a Wooden House

Modern Wooden HousesThough minimalist house designs are becoming very popular among homeowners, wooden house designs are still there with their own fans. A lot of people living in the city prefer to have their house built in a wooden house design. People in the city always want to have a natural atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable in the house; they will find that in a wooden house design. Why? The typical wood contours are able to create the impression that the house is cool.

In interior design, there are two kinds of wooden house; classic wooden house and the modern one. Classic wooden houses are made in a simple design and only have one storey like gazebos which provide wide space in several parts. On the other hand, modern wooden houses are designed in accordance to the concept of modern houses so that it will be a little bit complicated. The houses generally consist of more than one storey. The idea behind this kind of house is taken from modern concrete houses with leveling system. The difference is only about the main materials used.

In terms of wood types, hard wood such as teakwood is frequently used. It is aimed at making the house as strong as a concrete house. In the selection of furniture for a wooden house, it is better to choose wooden furniture as well. For instance, choose the wooden one which is lightweight yet sturdy.

A house design always has positive and negative sides. Then, what do you think of a modern house’s? Let’s check the following positive and negative facts of a wooden house:

Positive facts / Advantages:

  • As a heat retaining media. The interior of a wooden house tends to be cooler then in a permanent house. Therefore, we tend not to use any cooling system inside the house. In fact, it is an energy-efficient choice.
  • Natural atmosphere. You will feel a natural atmosphere in a wooden house which usually has a historical value. This wooden house offers a cool, calm, fresh, and exotic atmosphere which everyone wants.
  • Easy to renovate.  A wooden house is easier to renovate than a concrete house especially in adjusting the size as needed. As we know, when renovating the house we usually need to dismantle the existing walls.

Negative Facts / Disadvantages:

  • Since the main material of the house is wood, it tends to have a higher risk of fire. Therefore, we need to design every part of the house very thoroughly, especially the kitchen in which we deal with fire to cook.
  • It is getting difficult to find qualified woods. That explains why the cost of building a wooden house is bigger than a concrete house.

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