Prepare Your Kitchen Work Zones to Improve Effectiveness

White Kitchen Idea with Brown Kitchen CabinetsA kitchen space can be divided into a preparation area, washing area, and cooking area. Preparation area is generally composed of sub-storage areas and sub-work areas. Sub-storage areas include the storage of wet food, dry groceries, eating utensils, cook books and kitchen tools (knives, can opener, cutting board, etc.).

Storage areas, in addition to using the lower cabinet, hanging cabinet, and open shelves, also use many drawers, wall hooks, and sliding cabinets. This area is generally equipped with additional lights to make it brighter, and additional lighting in the interior of the cabinet. The wet food storage is in the form of refrigerator.

In the sub- work areas there are some activities like cutting, mixing, peeling, mashing, until smoothing foods with a mortar or blender. The kitchen equipment used includes blenders, mixers, cutting mat, and the electric chopper. All use an electrical outlet.

The washing area is equipped with a sink and faucet. Its wet conditions should be supported with kitchen openings to facilitate the circulation of air and light. Wash area should also be equipped with a drying rack, both for vegetables and plates -glass. Hanging cabinet, which generally becomes cutlery drying rack, can be covered with a type of tray to accommodate the remaining water droplets. Drying rack for fruits or vegetable is generally placed in the sink area. Drain pipe located inside the cabinet must be easily accessible in case there is a leak or clog.

The cooking area should meet the needs of a variety of cooking methods. Therefore, sometimes it requires some types of kitchen appliances, e.g. stoves in a variety of sizes and number of furnaces, ovens, microwave, until electric cooker. This area also features a storage area for various types of pans and spatulas. In addition to the cabinets, wall hanging hooks with various spatulas are generally located in a reachable place when cooking. Cooking area is also equipped with a kitchen spice storage area, a cabinet or rack, and a service area. The installation of sliding cabinet to store spices can be more practical, and will help you during the cooking process.

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