Preparing All Installation at Homes: Telephones, Data, Antennas, and Cable TVs

Phone CableAlong with the development of technology, there are more and more things need to be installed at home. It starts from installation related to communication such as telephone and internet installation, up to entertainment such as antennas and television installation.

If it is not well planned, various installation can overlap and interfere with each other, not to mention the existence of wires on the wall which will ruin your home appearance. Thus, it is better that you have planned everything well so the installation can be adjusted to each room and integrated to the house as a whole.

Telephone and Data Installation
Telephone installation is divided into outside and inside installation. The provider of telecommunication service is responsible for the outside installation, while the inside installation is the home owner’s responsibility. When you have defined points in the room to be installed with telephone, the installation, including the electrical installation, can be planted in the walls and ceiling. 

Just like electrical installation, before being planted, the phone cord should be wrapped with PVC pipe. As the power on your electrical installation can interfere with phone signals, it would be useful to wrap the telephone wires in two different PVC pipes and don’t install them close to each other. With this installation system, your telephone jack can be put neatly on the wall like switches and sockets.

If you are using a wired system such as fiber optic internet service, the installation can also be trimmed in the same way as the telephone wires, but the technical specifications must be adjusted to the technology requirements and needs of the service provider .

Entertainment Installation
Home entertainment systems have been quite developed, ranging from TV, DVD, up to Cable TV as well as various sound system. All components are connected to various cables to each other. All these installations can already be integrated and embedded to wall panels so that they do not interfere with the appearance of your home. Thus, it is better if you plan and prepare the installation place with technicians from the very beginning despite all the new devices that will be installed after the finishing stages are done. 

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