Preparing Your House for the Rainy Season

House Under UmbrellaDuring the rainy season, your house might suffer from some problems such as leaks on the roof, water seepage, or peeling paint. To protect your house from those threats, you need to pay attention to three parts of your house:

Exterior paint
Rainy season can be dangerous for exterior paint. Look for any bubbles, peeling or cracked or flaking paint. Overcome this problem to prevent further damage. Flaking paint may occur due to the condition of damp walls, the seepage of rainwater from the guttering with a not perfect construction, or wall construction  that is not good.

To fix this, first you need to find out what causes it to happen. For example, if it is all due to a leak, then fix the first source of the leak, so that water does not seep back into the wall and damage the wall paint. Afterwards, do the scraping of the paint layer that has been peeled off until the surface of the wall is visible. Then, clean the surface and seal it back with the base paint or alkali primer.

Do not rush to immediately cover it with paint before the primer is completely dry. For the paint, use the good quality one with good adhesion and elasticity so that the paint will last longer.

Guttering or drain
Dirt and debris can easily clog your gutters, causing stagnant rainwater in the gutter and damage your home. Be sure to clean the gutter of all the leaves and other debris on a regular basis.

Outdated roofing materials allow water to soak into your home and damage your roof structure. Check your roof at least twice a year. If you have an attic, you can see signs of water penetration under the roof after the rain. To do this, check the bottom of the plywood under your roof for any watermarks or mold.

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