Principles of Modern Natural House Architecture

Modern Naural Home Exterior DesignA house in a modern style architecture often features firm and plain lines. Meanwhile, in the natural-style architecture, the building is dominated by wooden material. To build a house in a modern and natural architecture, use both things then. Use more wood and apply simple shapes and clear lines.

Imitating the modern minimalist concept
An approach to obtain a natural modern architecture can be done by applying what has been applied in a modern minimalist style architecture. But since you also want to apply the natural concept, the shape of the building should also be friendly to the environment. It’s good to make the home look more open. You can do this by adding open spaces and minimize the use of walls.

If you want a concept which is more modern minimalist, you can have your simple rooms with clear shapes and lines. It’s just that you need to adjust a few things on some details. For instance, try to install a brick exposed wall which will bring a natural impression to your house..

Use wood for the ceiling materials. Wood is widely used to give a natural touch. Similarly, to enhance the natural impression in your home, install wooden ceiling. Make sure that the wood texture in your modern natural architecture is clearly seen. Thus, your house will feel more natural.

Garden and fence
Without a garden, it would be a bit difficult to present the natural feel at your home. A garden gives balance to the home. This is where the natural elements appear more dominant. Try to plant some small trees or ornamental plants. Planting grass around the garden will also make the house look more fresh and green. To be more colorful, try planting some  types of flowers. Next, create a small pool to bring water element into the house.

Fence design also determines the impression created. To begin with, try to design a fence from wood. Use wood as the bars. On the main pole, you can use a cement castings decorated with pebbles. This design will reinforce the natural modern style architecture.

To make your home look more natural and modern, you will also need to pay attention to the interior. It includes determining the appropriate wall paint color and shape of the room. In order for the interior to feel cool, make the room more open. Do not  use too much permanent wall insulation. Just use the wall to separate rooms that have high privacy.

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