Pros and Cons of Living in an Apartment

Modern Small Bedroom Design in ApartmentBefore you buy an apartment unit, you should consider a few things such as how to choose a good apartment and what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the apartment. Here are some useful information on the strengths and weaknesses of living in an apartment unit.

Advantages of living in apartments
In big cities, more and more property developers build apartments. This is because the interest to stay in vertical residential buildings in urban areas is quite big. The reasons include the lack of land to build houses in urban areas, and land prices are already high. Meanwhile, the apartments which are built vertically require less land so they are more affordable.

Apartments are usually constructed at strategic locations, close to the business center or office. So, by staying in an apartment close to where you work you will be able to reduce fatigue and stress on the road. You can also arrive at the apartment more quickly and have more time to rest.

Busy urban life makes the choice to stay in an apartment is considered more practical. Apartment units are usually not too large, so the time and energy needed to clean the rooms is not too much. The occupants are also not bothered to take care of the garden, disposal facilities, water, or air circulation because there is a manager who is responsible for it.

The level of security is also better because of the 24-hour guard and CCTV monitoring, so that dwellers can be more calm when they have to leave the unit. This is important because most urban communities who work will be spending more time outside, whether for work, dining or recreation.

Facilities available in the apartment are also the main attraction. Useful facilities such as fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, playground, mini market, restaurants, and cafes will make the apartment dwellers do not have to go far to meet their needs.

Disadvantages of living in apartments
In addition to the advantages of the apartment, there are also some shortages of living in an apartment that needs to be considered, e.g. the cost maintenance fees or service charge to be paid every month. This fee is to pay for the use of electricity in public areas, elevator, public hygiene, the cost of safety officer, cleanliness, and others. These fees are usually calculated per square meter of the area of ​​the apartment units owned.

Staying in an apartment is not as free as staying at home because there are rules that must be obeyed from the manager, e.g. the ban on bringing pets. And, for those of you who love plants, you cannot be free to plant a lot of plants due to the lack of land. You should also be considerate when playing music or other activities so that you do not interfere with other apartment dwellers. Apartments’ small size may not be preferable for those who have been accustomed to living in a house with a large space.

If you used to live in a warm neighborhood before, staying in an apartment could be difficult at first. It is because the social life in an apartment is not as good as the one in ordinary residences.

The value of apartments for long-term investment is lower compared to buying a house. If an apartment unit is sold after a long period of time, the selling price will be lower than the selling price of a house.

The apartment has now become the alternative housing trend. With all the advantages and disadvantages, you can decide whether you will be happy to live in an apartment unit.

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