(Q&A) How to Make Your House Look Like an Apartment?

Modern Minimalist White Apartment InteriorQuestion: Hello DistroHome, I’ve been wanting to stay in an apartment even though it may not be important for the current condition of my house. The desire is not without reason. Having an apartment would make the occupants feel comfortable. Moreover, the interior design of an apartment always looks elegant. Is it okay if I make my house looks like an apartment? Would it be right or look weird instead?

A house design must be as beautiful, comfortable, and attractive as possible so that the occupants feel at home in the house. A house that serves as a place to stay would have to function optimally. ]

There is nothing wrong with changing the design of the room of your home. Instead of having to buy an apartment with a high price, it would be better to create a home like an apartment by considering the interior design of apartments.

Of course you have to prepare adequate budget to buy some new interior to replace the old one. This is done if you really want an apartment look for your home. Start from sofa, chairs, tables, bed, mattress, shelves, and other interior. Luxurious and elegant design is the right choice for your home because apartment is synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Wide windows would play an important role in your mission since an apartment commonly has large windows as well. Another advantage you get is that your house will be bright and attractive. For the color, apartments do not commonly use bright colors such as pink, yellow, red, orange, but the natural ones like brown, black, and white.

In terms of the interior layout, an apartment usually has living room which is made one with the family room. If your house is already in such a design, you simply need to change the interior. However, if your house is not in that design, you do not have to make it so, because it will require bigger renovation, e.g. dismantling the wall dividing the family room and living room. Another characteristic of an apartment is that the dining room is made one with the kitchen.

The apartment feel will get stronger in your bedroom interior design. The master bedroom should have a wide bed. You also have to provide some additional interior like a television rack, chairs for relaxing, or it could be a carpet. It would be better if you put elegant curtain on the wide windows.

That way, your home will look just like an ordinary house from the outside but an apartment inside.

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