Raiffeisen Bank Zurich: A Revolution In Bank Designs

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What’s on your mind when being asked about the look of the bank you usually visit? May be it will remind you to the conventional banks with an office in it, some rooms, a receptionist/teller corner, or a waiting area. Yet, today we come up with a bank with extraordinary interior which absolutely deserves your attention. It is Raiffeisen Bank which is located in Zurich, Switzerland. This bank is designed by Zurich based international design firm NAU Architecture in collaboration with studio Drexler Guinand Jauslin.

The building is designed in white in order to break down the physical and emotional barriers between customers and employees, creating a new type of open bank. The exhibition of the portraits of the most prominent past resident on the interior open longue walls is aimed to connect the history and the rich cultural past of the bank building. The main characteristic of the bank space is the inspiring walls made out of HI-MAC S ® with a highly technological process. The plan controls views to create different levels of privacy and to maximize the daylight. The walls act as a membrane which mediates between the intimately scaled conference rooms and the open public spaces.

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raiffeisen bank

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raiffeisen bank5Images credit: The Cool Hunter 

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