Reasons for Choosing Wood for Home Building Materials

Mini Bar in Wooden InteriorWhat are the advantages of wood for building houses? Find them out here.

Although there are many other alternative building materials, wood is a material that is much-loved. It could be because the wood will never out of date, affordable, and durable. Wood can also be applied to any home style, e.g. classic, minimalist, ethnic, and even traditional. In addition, wood can be used not only for the rafter or as frames in wood frame houses, but for the whole part of the house. It is so efficient and effective, isn’t it?

Warm atmosphere
For the interior, the wood element is widely used as flooring, wall panels, and ceiling. Wood is widely chosen because it gives a warm feel in the room. Of the many types of wood, houses typically use solid wood which is resistant to termites such as teak.

Finishing options
For interior use, solid wood is now rarely used because it is very expensive. But, take it easy because there are a lot of solid wood substitute materials, such as multiplex, MDF (medium – density fiberboard) or particles. Meanwhile for the finishing, you can use HPL (High Pressure Laminate) which has the same pattern and texture with the wood. It is in the form of sheets with a wide range of colors and patterns.

For solid wood, there are various kinds of finishing available, including polish and melamine, which require a low maintenance.  You can simply wipe it using a dry cloth finely textured. However, for the exterior use, the wood finishing will quickly fade due to weather changes. The thing to do is do recoating every two or three years.

Yellow lights
For a house that uses elements of wood for floors, walls, and ceiling, it is better when combined with yellow lights. It is to keep the warm impression maintained. The light placement points must also be considered. It is preferably in the form of indirect lighting so that the light is not too harsh but it can create a dramatic impression on the room. In that way, you can have a warm and dramatic wood house design.

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